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This Business Directory is intended for Australians and has been developed for Building Inspectors, pest Inspectors and relevant, related services. Therefore, any listing that is deemed, considered or suspected to be unrelated, or not specific to an Australia audience, will be rejected, deleted or refused advertising and publishing rights, purely at the discretion of the Building Inspection Directory administration team and website moderators. Building Inspection Directory  is here to help Australian business owners and members to share their content and contact details online, in order to reach prospective customers with useful, relevant products, services and ministries.

By joining the Building Inspection Directory, you are allowing us to help share your business details online, including our social media platforms. Building Inspection Directory is helping Australian business owners share their content and contact details online, in order to reach prospective customers with useful, relevant products, services and ministries. If you do not wish your products/logos/images to be published on our social media feeds, please let us know by emailing support [at] When you publish your business details and content on Building Inspection Directory you are required to follow our policies. By “business details and content”, we mean anything present on your business listing in our directory. Failure to comply with these policies may result in Building Inspection Directory blocking your list from appearing against your content, or suspending or terminating your account. These restrictions apply in addition to any other policies governing your use of the Building Inspection Directory .

Fairplay Policy
Building Inspection Directory reserves the right to block, delete, reject or refuse publishing and advertising rights to any party, person or business who is believed (at our discretion!) to be in breach of any of the terms outlined on this document/page. We reserve the right to refuse justification of such decisions.

Business Listings Information
By submitting a Business Listing, you are certifying that you are an official representative of this business (or you have been authorised to act on behalf of that business, by the business owner), brand, organisation or person and that you’re authorised to edit and modify the Business Listing for that subject. You agree to take full responsibility for any repercussions that may follow. Building Inspection Directory takes no responsibility for modifications made to a Business Listing. All responsibility clashes will be handled offline, for example, in the case of an imposter taking responsibility for a listing that they’re not affiliated with and all subsequent actions. Deleting a Business Listing is a right reserved solely by our team, and such a request will only be honoured for legal reasons. Building Inspection Directory reserves the right to disassociate any Author from any Business Listing at any time at our discretion, which would usually be the end-result of scenarios such as a lack of activity on the Business Listing, no communication from the author after several attempts, etc… As the author of the Business Listing, you are to ensure that you keep your business listings information up to date. You can modify your business listings information at any time via the contact page on our website.

Illegal content
Building Inspection Directory does not allow content that: is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others.

Intellectual property abuse
Building Inspection Directory does not allow content that infringes copyright. It is our policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the ACCC. We do not allow content that sells or promotes the sale of counterfeit products. Counterfeit goods contain a trademark or logo that is identical to or substantially indistinguishable from the trademark of another. They mimic the brand features of the product in an attempt to pass themselves off as a genuine product of the brand owner.

Endangered or threatened species
We do not allow content that promotes the sale of products obtained from endangered or threatened species. Examples: Sale of koala ears, tigers, shark fins, elephant ivory, tiger skins, rhino horn, dolphin oil, kookaburra eyeballs, emu tongues, platypus toenails, Tasmania tiger saliva.

Dangerous or derogatory content
Building Inspection Directory does not allow content that incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, or other characteristics that are associated with systemic discrimination or marginalisation. Examples: Promoting hate groups or hate group paraphernalia, encouraging others to believe that a person or group is inhuman, inferior, or worthy of being hated. We do not allow content that harasses, intimidates, or bullies an individual or group of individuals. Examples: Singling out someone for abuse or harassment, suggesting a tragic event did not happen or that victims or their families are actors or complicit in a cover-up of the event. We do not allow content that threatens or advocates for harm to oneself or others. Examples: Content advocating suicide, anorexia, or other self-harm; promoting or advocating for harmful health or medical claims or practices; threatening someone with real-life harm or calling for the attack of another person; promoting, glorifying, or condoning violence against others; content made by or in support of terrorist groups, or content that promotes terrorist acts, including recruitment, or that celebrates terrorist attacks. We do not allow content that exploits others through extortion. Examples: Predatory removals, revenge porn, blackmail.

Enabling dishonest behaviour
Building Inspection Directory does not allow content that helps users to mislead others. Examples: Creating fake or false documents such as passports, diplomas, or accreditation; sale or distribution of term papers, paper-writing or exam-taking services; information or products for passing drug tests. We do not allow content that promotes any form of hacking or cracking and/or provides users with instructions or equipment that tampers with or provides unauthorised access to software, servers, or websites. Examples: Pages or products that enable illegal access of cell phones and other communications or content delivery systems or devices; products or services that bypass copyright protection, including circumvention of digital rights management technologies; products that illegally descramble cable or satellite signals in order to get free services; pages that assist or enable users to download streaming videos if prohibited by the content provider.

Misrepresentative content
Building Inspection Directory does not allow content that misrepresents, misstates, or conceals information about you, your content or the primary purpose of your web destination. We do not allow content that entices users to engage with content under false or unclear pretences. We do not allow content that engages in “phishing” for users’ information. We do not allow content that promotes content, products, or services using false, dishonest, or deceptive claims. Example: “Get Rich Quick” schemes. We do not allow content that falsely implies having an affiliation with, or endorsement by, another individual, organisation, product, or service. Examples: Impersonating Google products, misusing company logos. We do not allow content that is about politics, social issues, or matters of public concern directed at users in a country other than your own, if you misrepresent or conceal your country of origin or other material details about yourself.

Malicious or unwanted software
We do not allow content that contains malicious software or “malware” that may harm or gain unauthorised access to a computer, device, or network. Examples: Computer viruses, ransomware, worms, trojan horses, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, spyware, rogue security software, and other malicious programs or apps. Failure to be transparent about the functionality that the software provides or the full implications of installing the software; failing to include Terms of Service or an End User License Agreement; bundling software or applications without the user’s knowledge; making system changes without the user’s consent; making it difficult for users to disable or uninstall the software; failing to properly use publicly available Google APIs when interacting with Google services or products.

Sexually explicit content
We do not allow content that includes graphic sexual text, image, audio, video, or games. Examples: Anything sexually explicit, sexually suggestive or provocative.

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