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bathroom renovation ideasThere are a lot of affordable bathroom DIY Renovation options available if you search carefully. It’s amazing how much a new bathroom can lift the appearance of a home and also your mood early in the morning at the start of every day!

The Shower Area
An effective way to reduce renovation costs when it comes to remodelling the bathroom is to revamp your shower enclosure.  Even after thoroughly cleaning your tiles, especially in older homes, you may find that the grout is still stained with mould or mildew.  No amount of scrubbing can remove it, and retiling can be expensive.  Rather than replacing the tiles, a great home DIY job is to remove the grout and replace it with a fresh lot. Take the advice of the Home DIY Renovation expert at your local hardware outlet about the best products and methods to use.

When dealing with a space the size of an average bathroom, painting it is not a major project.  So much of the wall area is taken up with mirrors, showers, and tiles that often there is just a small area left to be painted. Because bathrooms can be subject to mould growth, it is important that you prepare the surfaces well before applying the type of paint, to avoid future water damage.

Fresh Ideas
Many of us have been conditioned to using traditional materials, especially in the bathroom.  By doing a little research and learning some how-tos you can create unique bathroom features as really rewarding home DIY projects. You can achieve an inexpensive granite look for the top of a vanity by painting the bottom of a piece of glass black and fixing it to the top of your cabinet or why not bring the outdoors in by giving your shower floor a pebble-crete makeover (great for beach houses!).

Using lighting creatively can also change the look of a bathroom but be sure to consult a licensed contractor where warranted. Innovative storage solutions are provided with the use of baskets, boxes, cabinets and shelving.  Plan to use your available space wisely to avoid a cluttered look. You can accessorize and add a finishing touch to your home DIY bathroom makeover by investing in some luxurious fluffy towels in colours that match or contrast with your colour palette. A small green succulent on a shelf (living or fake) can add a splash of green vibrancy to your new bathroom.

If you would prefer to have a professionally designed, manufactured and renovated bathroom or ensuite, then the place to go is . They have some beautiful looking designs and photos for inspiration on their website.

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