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Essential Tools

Essential Tools

9 “Must Have” Essentials For Your Toolbox

In every household, there are certain, necessary tools that you will need on a regular basis. They come in handy when ever something in your home needs fixing. It is important that you have these basic tools, especially if you are just starting out and want to be ready for any situation that arises.

1. Torch / Flashlight
Investing on a high-quality torch is always a good idea because the cheap ones never last and will let you down when you need them most. You don’t have to buy a $400 one just to get a great quality torch. However, it won’t hurt you to drop a few good bucks so its durability is not compromised. If you could find a water-resistant flashlight, then that would be even better.

2. Claw Hammer
Another essential tool in order to nail things on the wall and at the same time, a tool that you could use to remove nails as well is a claw hammer. If you’re into doing a lot of DIY projects, especially things that involve woodworking and carpentry, then there is no way that this tool shouldn’t be in your toolbox.

3. Flathead Screwdriver
If you’re new in the DIY world or simply still trying to figure out the use of different home improvement projects, then you should learn that the flathead screwdriver is the one with just a single blade that would fit in a flathead screw.

4. Phillips Screwdriver
This particular screwdriver has a point that you would recognize easily by the shape of a star. It has that distinct four corner blades that would fit a screw made for it.

5. Vise Grip Pliers
This is usually handy whenever you have plumbing issues. If you want to lock or unlock some pipes, then this tool might just come to your rescue.

6. Tape Measure
Its use is self-explanatory and it is just a standard that you always keep it in your toolbox.

7. Needlenose Pliers
This is handy for coiling wires because its tip is very precise for that job.

8. Utility Knife
This tool is not just going to help you with your home improvement projects but it is also handy during emergency scenarios. You would be able to survive the outdoors with a utility knife, so it is only ideal to keep it with you.

9. Nails
If you can get various types of nails, then that will be good so you could nail whatever it is that you need on your wall whether it is made of wood or cement. You will never know when any of these materials would come in handy in your home or even when you’re outside the house. It is best that you are prepared so you don’t panic and just freak out knowing that you got everything under control with the help of your toolbox and the tools inside it.

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